Who are we?

Life at University of British Columbia


Andrea graduated head of the class from the University of British Columbia (UBC), where she obtained a degree in Kinesiology. While at UBC she worked with many varsity athletes (rugby, hockey, lacrosse, football, volleyball, soccer, cross country running). Her role at UBC was to assess the athlete’s injuries and provide treatment options. She had a key role on educating and preventing injuries, taping to help support the injuries, and administering manual therapy to get the athlete back to their sport in a timely manner. At UBC, Andrea worked for Dr Rhodes and assisted with the fitness testing of the Vancouver Canucks the NHL hockey team each year. In Andrea’s final year at UBC, she was a teacher’s assistant for Dr Karim Khan a sports medicine doctor who taught an orthopedics class; Andrea was also involved with the BC government where she co-authored a paper “ Fall Prevention in developing countries”.

Post UBC

  After graduating from UBC, Andrea moved to Calgary to study Athletic Therapy at Mt Royal University.  During Andrea’s time at Mt Royal, she worked with many college and varsity athletes, which consisted of soccer, hockey, basketball, wrestling, football, volleyball and gymnastics to name a few. Andrea’s role with the sports teams was to ensure the athletes safety on and off the field, whether it was preventing and educating them on their injury, assessing injuries, prophylactic taping for play, rehabbing injuries, manual therapy techniques, or ensuring they were capable of returning to their sport quickly. She is passionate in what she does and it shows.

Finally Certified as an Athletic Therapist

Life after MRU brought Andrea to Richmond World Health where she started the Athletic Therapy Department; her direct title was Athletic Therapy Coordinator. Andrea was involved in developing and building the AT program from the ground up. She scouted new athletic therapists to be hired, developed assessment, treatment, and rehab protocols. Andrea mentored Athletic Therapy students, and newly graduated athletic therapists. Andrea taught them how to assess musculoskeletal injuries, how to treat the injuries, taping skills to ensure the players safe return to play, and manual therapy techniques. Andrea also developed marketing material, and helped the newly hired AT’s build their new business. Andrea is also involved with developing and teaching courses to the staff of International Fitness Holdings (World Health/Spa Lady/ Bankers Hall), The courses called movement assessment and post rehab are two courses that are popular among the staff.

What have we been up to the last 7 years

Post MRU

Presently, you will find Andrea working a variety of events: she works the National Judo training camp each year, she is the head athletic therapist for Hayley Wickenheisers “Wickfest” girls hockey camp, Andrea is the head Athletic Therapist for the Ringette University Cup, and she has worked a multitude of extreme races- anything from single track 6 mountain bike race, to a 5 day adventure run “ Trans Rockies Run” in Revelstoke. She recently returned from Africa where she taught first aid to the rangers of “Virunga National Park” in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and worked in Rwanda with the National Rwandan Cycling Team. She has worked with athletes from all ages and all levels of sport: National Level athletes from Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Canada, South Africa, Russia, and Czech Republic, a National Short track speed skater from Quebec, retired football and hockey players, as well as 8 -12 year old dancers. She is very diverse in who she works with and her skills.

Andrea is a huge proponent of giving back to the community, in one instance she organized an athletic therapy tent for the victims of the flood that hit Calgary, she has volunteered her time on the Ride to Conquer cancer, she helps out Midget Football, and Masters Rugby. Recently she brought the massage therapist from the National Rwandan Cycling Team to Canada for 6 weeks to mentor with her in first aid and manual therapy skills. She feels that giving back to people and communities are very satisfying and rewarding. Andrea’s philosophy is “ you don’t go poor by giving”