Do you have back pain

  Andrea Dowd has served as our athletic therapist for the past few years at the Canmore Interprovincial Judo Training Camp. Every year over 150 judo athletes from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba come to Canmore in a provincially sponsored training camp involving physical conditioning, technical judo training and intense sparring sessions. Andrea provides professional service to our athletes for a wide range of athletic injuries and can readily respond to any medical emergencies. Her pleasant demeanor puts young athletes at ease when assessing any injuries and her knowledge skill is well respected by the coaching staff from all the provinces. We have been extremely pleased to have had Andrea be an integral part of our camp as our therapist. 

Garry Yamashita, Ph.D. 

Judo Alberta, Coaching Committee Chair 


     I had a herniated disc in my low back and went to see Andrea.  When I had flare ups, I was in crippling and debilitating pain.  I couldn’t walk, sit or stand.  It was horrible.  Andrea always helped me to get back on track and make a 100% recovery.  This would happen within a few treatments and with me doing the exercises and maintenance program that she prescribed for me.  She is very knowledgeable with the body and its mechanics and I appreciated her honest feedback on what I needed to do to recover and to return my normal activities.  I am a full time yoga teacher and I am very active and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to recover from an injury.

Deanna Lee



11 years ago I couldn’t walk.  I had dealt with minor back pain for the 6 years before that.  Then with a stressful move to a different country my body had enough and I couldn’t move.  It would take me almost a month to be able to stand straight again.  This became a cycle that happened almost every 6 months.  I had tried everything I knew about what was supposed to help people like me.  I went to see everyone; acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, naturopath doctors, medical doctors, and physiotherapists.  Everyone was able to help me get moving again, but nobody could take away my pain.  It is hard to describe what Chronic pain feels like.  Even on my good days I was in pain.  This was the next 10 years of my life.  One day I threw out my back … again.  I had to hire people to take care of my kids … again.  I needed to rely on others to cook and clean for my family … again.  And then I got a phone call that changed my life.  A friend of mine said that she had heard about an Athletic Therapist who helped one of her other friends.  Neither of us knew what an athletic therapist was, but I knew I hadn’t tried it yet.  That Athletic Therapist was Andrea Dowd.  From my couch I gave her a call and hobbled into her office the next day.  I could not stand up straight and she told me that not only would she help me get better but that I would be able to run again if I wanted to.  I didn’t believe her.  I walked out of that office standing straight.  2 years later and I still haven’t thrown out my back.  I even have days that are completely pain free.  This January I completed a lifelong dream of running a marathon, something that I never thought was something I would ever be able to do.  Andrea has given me a life of freedom.  She has given me the ability to continue lifting and transferring my special needs children as they grow bigger.  She has given me the gift of being the mom, wife, and friend I have always wanted to be.  I can’t say thank you enough! 

Kira Palmer



Before seeing Andrea I had a serious IT Band problem and leg muscle imbalances. After Andrea thoroughly assessed my injuries, she treated my old and current injuries with ART, soft tissue release cupping, massage and other techniques. It was so frustrating to even try to run prior to seeing Andrea- as one leg was working one way very different then the other. After doing the exercises and stretches she prescribed, she gave me the gift of running back. The knowledge of the human body she has in her hands and with her practice is what we all need !

Robert Jackson


  Andrea has helped me recover from several injuries and every patient  I've referred to her has been impressed by her. Great therapist and a  great person!

Chris Anderson 

Dr of Chiropractor


  Andrea has saved our bodies so many times! From my seized back during  the Alberta Flood to getting our son back on ice to train with his  teammates on the National Short Track Speed Skating Team to getting my  husband back to work doing renovations, we are simply so thankful to  have found her!

Gayle & Zinour Fathoullin


  Best therapy I have ever had. I felt better instantly.

Sasha F

National Short Track Speedskater


   Been using Andrea since 2012 to treat the injuries I get from being active. She is amazing :) I am always fixed in 1 - 2 visits max! I recommend anyone to use her if you want to be pain-free and active! 


  Since being under Andrea’s care I immediately recognized that she is an authentic, and caring medical provider.  Andrea is attentive, generous and has a great sense of humour. 

I am in awe with her athletic, therapeutic abilities. Andrea targets areas of concern with such confidence; sharing her anatomy knowledge so I understand how to best help myself after each appointment. The best part about being under Andrea’s therapeutic hands is I walk away encouraged, knowing that she is cheering me onward.  It makes all the difference knowing I am being attended to by a genuine caregiver, a healer.  I am so grateful that Andrea is a part of my health goals.  And besides, I think she is one super cool human being!

Brenda Lucy


After a bit of a freak accident on the ice, I’ve been seeing Andrea for my knee, whiplash and concussion. Not only is she incredibly comprehensive, knowledgeable and helpful, she also connects you to other professionals in the community to make sure you have the best treatment and rehab plan available. Her passion for what she does and willingness to help sets her apart from every other athletic therapist or physiotherapist I’ve ever seen. Be prepared to make some progress on your rehab quick... she’s definitely not afraid to push you! Haha. 10/10 would recommend.

- Jessica Conrad

Alberta Senior Provincial Team, LT speed skating 


Rob and I are both climbers and therefore encounter the occasional kinks and snags in shoulders, neck, arms and back. Rob has also had a shoulder surgery with a lengthy recovery that never seem to end until Andrea was able to mobilize and rehab the shoulder in a way no other therapist could. Yes, she actually works on you and show you exercises that really work. Andrea's hands-on approach is what we appreciate the most, as she truly gets to know your body. Even the skeptical Rob is now hooked. 

Thank you for supporting our climbing hobby, Andrea!


I’ve been seeing Andrea for years to help me deal with minor injuries. I’m very active outdoors, and so I get injured quite often. Andrea’s great at figuring out the root cause of a problem and helping you fix it permanently. I had a more serious knee injury earlier this year that I also took to Andrea. She helped me figure out what was really wrong with my knee (it had been misdiagnosed) and helped me get back outside!  She is very active herself, and so she understands my desire to be active, and is always focused on getting me back to the sports I love. She can give very specific recommendations on how and when to return to activity because she knows so much about those activities herself. She is someone who just wants to help people – every time I see her, she has another story about someone she’s helped. She’s always researching and trying to learn more to make sure she’s at the top of her game. I can’t recommend her enough.