Andrea continues to serve my body well. For four years now she has diagnosed and treated several different concerns I’ve had. As a personal fitness trainer and triathlete my body accumulates a few miles and the corresponding injuries that sometimes come along for the ride, quite literally. Her insight and hands get me through a problem and I always leave her treatments with an ongoing plan for prevention. Andrea is an integral part of my working and athletic life!

Kari Gregory, 53


    I was referred to Andrea when I moved to Calgary in November 2014. I had been having issues with pain in my neck and shoulder for years. Andrea worked on this each session (one hour), using many different techniques, and gave me exercises to do at home, and today, it is much improved. 

I also have problems with my lower back. One issue was that I could not sleep on my sides, without my back going out of alignment and causing pain. So I had been sleeping on my back all the time for years. Chiropractors had been unable to help me with this. In one session Andrea adjusted this, and I can now sleep on my side again, although only for a while. 

Another issue I have with my back is that I can only SIT for limited periods of time. I have to stand a lot of the time, whether at my computer, visiting at a friend's house, at church or wherever. One time, after I had been sitting for too long, nerves going to my legs became affected where they exited my spine, causing weird sensations in both legs, and drop-foot on my right foot. (Drop-foot is when you can't walk on your heels and when you walk, your foot 'flops' to the ground with every step). After 40 minutes therapy, Andrea corrected this. I no longer have drop-foot, and the weird sensations in my legs were gone. 

I used to visit a chiropractor 2 or 3 times a month, and still suffer. I now have one therapy session with Andrea every 3 weeks and seldom need to see a chiropractor. 

Andrea has also given me some visceral treatment. After one particular session of visceral therapy, I couldn't stop laughing all the way out of the gym, and on crossing the parking lot to my car, I felt so energized that my feet barely touched the ground. I almost felt I could fly!

Although I have since moved back to Canmore, I still drive to Calgary  (one hour and 20 mins drive each way) every 3 weeks for my Athletic Therapy session with Andrea. It is time well spent. I will never go to anyone else. I recommend her to anyone. Thank you Andrea!

Al Coats


    Andrea's knowledge of the functional body is a god send. Her ability to diagnose and assess injuries is uncanny. Her treatment is top drawer and more than revealing.  

With a wealth of experience she is able to keep me going and going and going.  I am grateful for having found this hidden gem of an athletic therapist.

Thanks Andrea!"

John Ashby

Adventurer extraordinaire.


  I contacted Andrea to help my daughter Rachel. She is a dancer and was having a lot of knee pain. I was very impressed with Andrea’s knowledge and her ease at explaining the anatomy of the injury in terms that were easy for a teen to understand. She assigned specific home exercises for Rachel to do in between visits along with ice baths to assist in healing.

Andrea also taught an injury prevention class to a group of teen girls that dance with my daughter. It was a great success and the girls really benefitted from all the information and instruction. I would highly recommend Andrea!

Francine Tabak


  I had a work related injury to my right forearm. I had a hard time sleeping on that shoulder, and moving my arm. I was in so much pain that I decided to come see Andrea to see if she could assess the problem. Andrea assessed me and found that part of my problem was my neck, and so she used some manual therapy techniques, stretches and exercises to loosen up the muscles and get blood flowing back to normal in arm. After seeing Andrea for several sessions, I have fully recovered and I have no more pain in my right arm.

Andrea is fabulous - very professional, friendly and good humored she made me feel at ease and helped me on my way to full recovery, I’d highly recommend Andrea to anyone.

Tyler Kiffiak


  One of the things I really value about my appointments with Andrea is that the full hour is one on one. Often when visiting a physio, they can be juggling up to four patients and you get very little time with them. A session with Andrea is the opposite. She begins with an assessment, first through questioning then through physical testing. Next, she quickly comes up with a diagnosis, thanks to her extensive experience and depth of knowledge. Then she gets to work rectifying the problem using an assortment of hands on methods (cupping, mobilization with movement, myofascial release, etc). She will retest to see if there has been improvement and will do more hands-on if necessary. Finally, if needed for a chronic problem (seeing as injuries don’t heal in an hour), she’ll develop and walk through a strengthening program for you to work on on your own. Throughout the whole process Andrea always answers my many questions and explains what she is doing and why. 

When it comes to a sports injury, Andrea is my go to for a diagnosis. Twice in the last two years she has correctly diagnosed an injury that a doctor missed and/or misdiagnosed; one of those doctors was a Sport Medicine specialist. So not only do you get a diagnosis without having to wait weeks or sometimes months to see a specialist, your treatment (and therefore healing) can also start immediately.

Valarie & Sophie Lajeunesse


  Athletic Therapy has changed my life! I am a very active person who teaches many fitness classes in a week plus running and four children. So when it comes to stressed out muscles I have many. After having recurring IT problems, that made it impossible to run and function I decided to start athletic therapy, and after one session I was able to run 5 k with out pain. I kept up with the sessions and began running my marathons again. I keep up with the treatment from time to time to tune up my body. I would not be where I am today without the treatment or my amazing therapist Andrea.
Kristi D.


  Andrea’s excellence lies in her knowledge, her intuitive diagnosis and treatment as well as her genuine concern for her patient’s wellbeing. Andrea believes in an active lifestyle and is always keen to get her patient’s moving and pain free as quickly as possible. 

I met Andrea about 3 years ago as I was having reoccurring problems with my back. At that point I had tried many different approaches; chiropractor, physical therapy, massage therapist and yoga. I would often find temporary relief but nothing seemed to “stick”. After 2 visits, Andrea was able to diagnose my problem and then over the next few visits we were able to fine tune what core strengthening exercises and stretches I needed to add to my routine as well as eliminate some exercises that were exasperating my problem. I do require the occasional “tune up” but for the most part I would say my back problems are no longer an issue. 

When I see Andrea, it is for 60-minute hands on appointment. No running back and forth between patients, she is with me the whole time. If Andrea feels that seeing another professional would be beneficial to my treatment she has no hesitation in making that recommendation. 

I have also taken my teenage son to see Andrea for treatment. He is an active athlete and has had a few minor issues over the last couple of years that Andrea was able to attend to in just a few appointments. 

Andrea is my go to therapist. Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge she is very approachable, willing to answer my many questions. She is a true healthcare provider!

Donna MacNichol


  Post Rehab Course, Andrea Dowd

Lara Gustafson, Personal Trainer, Spa Lady

I am so glad I signed up to participate in this course - one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has it already helped in correcting my own body, but also proving to be great for all my clients too. It has taken the guess work out of safely dealing with a client with injuries, how to progress them, and provides a proactive approach to avoiding muscle imbalances and injury development in the future

As I work in a women’s gym and see so many women young and old that through our initial movement assessment I am able to better understand movement patterns and their strengths and weaknesses’ and adjust their program to improve mobility and stability as well as strength. I can honestly say that with all of my current clients, I am ensuring that mobility prior to training them is completed and using more safe practice in stability in the joints as well as strength training. I have many women now that had no mobility in their thoracic spine, tight pecs and poor posture overall. I have seen so much improvement with my clients since taking this course.

I would recommend that other fitness trainers complete Andrea’s course. . It is so unique and the focus is always on helping you improve your knowledge so you can help your clients achieve their goals


    Andrea Dowd has been involved over the years with the Calgary Section of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC).  First of all, I’ve known Andrea for several years now and her therapeutic advice has been excellent for myself as well as for many other ACC members.  For example, I recently broke my talus bone while ice climbing, Andrea gave me the knowledge I needed to recover, and have experienced a 100% recovery. She assessed the injury, did some manual therapy techniques and then gave me rehab exercises or modified rehab exercises so that I could continue being active.  Although you are injured, she always finds exercises for you to do to keeping you moving. 

Andrea recently gave a presentation at one of our Alpine Club Socials about shoulder injuries.  Her presentation went way beyond what we normally expect from presenters.  This one definitely wasn’t for spectators and the entire audience was involved in practicing exercises and learning about the proper way to both prevent and recover from shoulder injuries.  Starting from the specific muscles, and bones, through to how they all should work together. The group left the presentation with many ways to prevent injuries but also ways to incorporate strength training to improve our outdoor enthusiastic skills.

I would recommend Andrea whether you have an injury that needs assessing or rehabbing, to her putting on a group presentation about how to prevent injuries of different parts of the body.

Paul Dormaar,

Chair, Calgary Section,

Alpine Club of Canada


    Andrea has been instrumental in helping us train our athlete support staff.  In 2017, she contacted Team Rwanda Cycling about running a training course in first aid, cupping and other cyclist care methods at the Africa Rising Cycling Center in northern Rwanda.  We jumped at the opportunity.  In Rwanda we do not get many people of Andrea’s knowledge and practical skill level to train our staff.  In addition to the work Andrea did for us in Rwanda she also hosted our top soigneur, Obed Ruvogera, for an intensive 6 week training program in Canada.  Without Andrea’s commitment to Team Rwanda Cycling and her patience and generosity in training our staff, we would never have had such a unique and valuable opportunity.

Kimberly Coats

Team Africa Rising

Kimberly Coats

Director of Marketing/Logistics

+1 530 744 8773

“Unifying African countries through the sport of cycling"

On Mar 10, 2018, 


  “Andrea is amazing. I have enjoyed being active and both playing and working outdoors all my life, but have struggled for several years with chronic low back issues, a long-term knee injury and other occasional pains that have impacted my activities. I had seen a number of doctors, physios and chiros for my back, but once I found Andrea, she not only provided treatments that were more effective than any previous, but more importantly has provided fit-for-purpose exercise programs and advice that really improve strength and flexibility, and reduce pain and number of treatments needed. Once I started working with Andrea, I was again able to do big hikes, vigorous gym workouts, bike rides, and better able to handle long travel and activities in the field for work. What makes Andrea really stand out to me is that she does not follow a “recipe” but re-evaluates and adjusts for different stages of an injury or issue. This is really key with a complex and recurring problem that does not always behave the same way. She is always keen to learn and keep up with the latest research and techniques in her field, she will provide reference to other really good practitioners if she thinks other expertise or techniques are needed, and most of all she is an active, positive person who really wants to help other people to be the same! “

Marian W., Calgary



My name is Darryl Leason. I’m an extremely active person who continues to play sports at a high level. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of serious injuries. Some related to playing sports and some that has nothing to do with sports at all. I’ve experienced first-hand how not addressing an injury can lead to bigger issues later on in life.


   A few years ago, I decided to go see an Athletic Therapist concerning my knee and lower back. I was at the point where just getting around and doing every activity was causing me pain. For years, I had been seeing a Massage Therapist and Chiropractor. While both were able to give me temporary relief from my pains, none of them were able to address the real issues and eliminate the source of the problem.

Andrea has helped me immensely over the years. Her knowledge and experience is second to none. Her training has given her the ability to not only asses an injury but more importantly the knowledge and experience to help in the recovery of the injury. Andrea has not only cut down on my injury recover times, but has help with my on-going shoulder, back, knee and elbow issues. These nagging injuries were affecting my quality of life. By addressing the issues and attacking the source of the pain, Andrea was able to get me on a fast road to recovery and eliminate those old nagging injuries. 

Andrea was also able to work with my son Brett. Brett is 14 years old and plays Bantam AAA hockey for the NW Flames. Last year he injured his shoulder and sprained his knee. Andrea was able to treat him and get him on a program that cut down on his recovery time. She had him back playing hockey at a high level in no time at all (2-3 weeks). Had it not been for Andrea and her athletic treatment, both of these serious injures would have kept Brett sidelined for 4-6 weeks. 


Any time my son or I have an injury or a nagging pain, I make an appointment to see Andrea. They are able to pin point the source of the injury and then focus on isolation and strengthening of the muscle to help speed up recovery. While speeding up recovery process is a huge concern, preventing reoccurring injuries are just as important, Injures, old and new are a part of life. You can let them affect you or you can do something about it. I choose to see an Athletic Therapist and do something about it.


Darryl Leason


  I first went to Andrea on the recommendation of my spin instructor. Andrea had helped her heal an injury and I was feeling aches and pains that were stopping me from advancing in my weight lifting, running and other activities I loved. I had been to a chiropractor and a physiotherapist, but hadn’t progressed under their care. 

The first thing that struck me about Andrea and her practice was how different it was. When you book an hour with Andrea, she’s treats you and works with you for the full hour. I complained about my hips, but she assessed me from head to toe. 

She’s thorough, and leaves no tightness or immobility unchecked, treating in the most holistic manner I’ve ever experienced. Andrea explained that her goal was to fix the problems and not have to treat me anymore. She helped me overcome issues in my hips and legs, which got me back into my full exercise program. 

When a debilitating workplace ergonomic injury crept into my arm and shoulder, I didn’t hesitate to go back. Andrea assessed and worked intensely on me, helping me, literally, continue to do my job. Andrea is really good at getting people back to healthy and happy, active and productive. She’s always taking classes and workshops to learn more to help more.

Plus, she’s personable and funny. Treatments and exercises can be hard, but Andrea is so enjoyable and the results are so tangible that the hard part is easily forgotten.

-Nicole F




I am writing this letter in regards to my desire to have Andrea Dowd, an employee at World Health, recognized for the outstanding work she did this year in the role of mentor and field study supervisor.  Working with Professional Initiatives Programming, Masters College, and Ms. Zane Gaskin, Andrea was an exceptional role model in introducing a grade nine student to the professions of fitness training and athletic therapy.

What makes her effort even more substantial was supporting this learning initiative while also preparing, then carrying out, global volunteer work in Rwanda.  I'm not one to single out our community partners as all the people that we have attracted to our programming are of an exceptional nature.  That said,Andrea certainly went beyond any expectations that we hoped could result from working with a learner attempting to contribute to professional contexts.
I will leave how your company recognizes Andrea's volunteer efforts, in your capable hands.  I recommend however, that some type of formal acknowledgement of her significant volunteer efforts be arranged.  She is an amazing representative of your organization.

Dean Tickles

Principal owner

Professional Initiatives Programming - and Internship Organization


Dean Tickles - Principal 

Professional Initiatives Programming

"Leverage your Learning"



I had a shoulder injury from impact with the ice and another player in ringette. Andrea was quick to diagnose it, treat all the tightness around my shoulder and give me the right exercises to help strengthen it. She’s tough and thorough.

Tate Mazurkewich, 15


  For years I had struggled with lumbar pain and SI joint dysfunction. Once Andrea assessed me, she was able to quickly identify my underlying issues. My pain was relieved significantly after the first treatment. She developed a rehabilitation program for me and within a couple of weeks I felt stronger, more balanced and on the road to long-term recovery! Andrea is highly experienced and educated and is passionate about getting her clients healthy! 

Cindy Wheatcroft


    Andrea's work has accomplished a great deal in helping me understand my body and what I need to do in order to maintain optimal muscle balance and prevent further injuries. My athletic therapy appointments were time well used--the assessments were appropriately thorough and focused on returning me to my physical activities as quickly and sustainably as possible. In just a few visits, her treatment was proactive and effective, and I noticed a big difference in my ability to move and exercise comfortably afterward. 




One wrist and two knee surgeries later, all from sport, Andrea has been the one to diagnose and recommend treatment. Between the onset and surgeries she was able to keep me moving. The protocol and exercises before and after surgery got me back to my sport. She’s my go-to if something is injured or feels “off”.

Quinn Mazurkewich, 17


    I am writing to support the position of Andrea Dowd, Athletic Therapist (AT) who has been the therapist on my son’s AA Bantam Hockey team this year. 

Andrea has looked after Jackson on the bench this year, as well as after games and has also referred him to other medical experts as required. She has assessed Jackson’s many injuries in a timely manner, and begun treatment as soon as possible in order to maximize the benefits of her skills and minimize his time away from playing. To have Andrea on board as part of the team has saved us many extra doctor appointments and/or long wait times in the hospital emergency room.

Andrea is an expert in her field, and is deferred to by coaches, players and parents. Her first concern is always the player’s well-being, and she is calm and methodical in her assessment and then communication to parents and coaching staff regarding injuries. She has the final decision in when a player gets back into the game, and I believe that this benefits the players’ long term health and speeds up recovery time of injuries.

Jackson suffered a serious concussion in a PeeWee hockey game last year, but only received minimum first aid treatment on the bench. We followed up with a trip to the Childrens Hospital and our own family doctor who referred us to a concussion specialist at the University Sports Medicine facility. By the time Jackson was seen by a doctor, four months had passed and so had most of his symptoms, although the recovery was slow, and he missed a lot of school.

In contrast, when Jackson suffered a weekend concussion in a game this year, Andrea assessed his condition quickly and administered the short SCAT test on the bench. She was also able to get him an appointment the very next week with one of the top doctors specializing in sports injuries at the University of Calgary Sports Medicine facility. Jackson is now part of an ongoing study on concussions thanks to Andrea’s referral to one of her colleagues, and we have preferential access to the medical staff there for Jackson, should we need it in the future.

Having an AT as part of the coaching staff is a huge benefit for young athletes participating in high level sports. We have seen and appreciated this support and service firsthand many times this season, and could not be more grateful and appreciative to Andrea for the professional care she has given Jackson.


Karen & Leigh Verstraete